from real people & their pets too!

EESystem Testimonials

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia

    I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia in 2014. Before going to the Energy Infusion Room in St. Peter’s, Mo. I woke up every morning with a general feeling of malaise. I have been going to the Energy Infusion Room every week for two hours since October. After my second visit, I began to notice changes in my body. I wake up every morning full of energy. I sleep better at night, and I have experienced no pain (flare ups) from the Rheumatoid Arthritis and the Fibromyalgia. I feel like I use to feel before my diagnosis.

    Thank you Dr. Michael and Jason Shurka for sharing this with the world!

  • My Wife & Grandson

    Good morning. I have been busy getting our space ready for January and just now had a moment to share an experience my wife and I had that pushed us over the edge to make the decision to open a center. This is a bit long but I think it will be worth the read for those of you making a decision.
    My wife experienced a brain bleed while we were on vacation in KY. We went in with her have a severe headache, they immediately took her in for brain surgery. At the time they said it was a 50/50 chance she would make it out without damage. I do business world wide so I reached out and started a world wide prayer chain and she recovered with no damage. After her one year checkup we both went in for brain mapping and her results were poor enough that they recommend bio feedback training to get her back in good shape brain wise. We had scheduled a session with Sean in Lexington, KY at the Zenergy spa while visiting my daughter. We had our session and my wife fell into a deep sleep state feeling almost weightless. Prior to going in I had experienced chronic pain it the joints of 3 fingers and my elbow. Upon leaving the zenergy center I had no pain in my joints at all and 3 months later I still have no pain.
    Now here is where it gets interesting: I took my wife back for brain mapping to see if the session had been done anything. We had the mapping done and when we went in for our consult they asked us what we had done. My wife’s overall brain activity had increased to the good 57% with her eyes open and 49%with her eyes closed. This would have taken weeks to months to correct with bio feedback training. We have all the scans to back this up.
    At the time my daughter was fostering a baby that had been left at the hospital by a cocain addict. The baby was also in the room with us for the 2 hours. When my daughter took him for his checkup the Dr was impressed with how he was doing and told her whatever it was to keep it up.
    To me this was proof enough that the ee system was real enough to make the investment.
  • My Dog, Stiefel…

    Here’s the story of my dog, Stiefel, and what we went through in the last few days.
    On Saturday he was bit by a black widow spider and the next morning, Sunday, he woke up not being able to walk (right front leg was paralyzed), falling over.
    He seemed to improve a bit in the afternoon and I thought all was good. Did not make the connection with the spider bite actually until Monday morning.
    On Monday morning, it was his 14th birthday, I woke up to a completely paralyzed dog 😞
    He stopped eating and drinking, couldn’t go out to pee or poop.
    Then he started having convulsions, followed by seizures and vomiting. He became a vegetable in a few short hours.
    It was snowing heavily, I had no winter tires on and was concerned that I couldn’t take him to the Centre to get him into the system. My landlord, bless his soul, changed my tires and then offered to actually drive me in his car to the Centre. We got there last night at 6pm and stayed until 8am this morning. While in the system he started convulsing again, threw up, and started having heavy breathing. At this point, I said goodbye to him and was going from tears to acceptance and back to tears. Then I fell asleep holding him.
    At 2 am I woke up because he was…walking wobbly around me!!! 😱
    Took him out for a long pee, he was walking on his own with no help.
    Went back inside and he fell sound asleep. At 7am we woke up went for another pee and got back into the system for another hour. When we left the Centre at 8am he pooped and started walking fast, almost running 😆
    Went back home, he ate a good meal, rolled his ball of treats like nothing was wrong and we went for another short walk when he started running!
    My dog is alive because of the EESYSTEM!!! ❤️🙏❤️ First pic is when we got there and he was breathing heavily. Second pic after his pee at 2am.
    Then his walk at 7am, his meal and rolling the treats ball after.
    Today, I say, Happy ReBirthDay Stiefel!!! 💗🎉🎊
    PS. I had Solfeggio Frequencies playing all night long.
  • Our Little Dog, Too!

    We have a Toy Aussie. He was born the runt of a litter and was supposed to top out at 20 pounds but he really never grew and topped out at 12 pounds or so. He was stunted by a small liver we found out by a specialist vet. He was pretty healthy until his 4ur old year and then he started having problems. Needed a special diet and then Daily drugs to help his liver do it’s job.


    This year he started having problems with his bladder as his small liver makes him pre disposed to stones in his liver and his bladder. We had regular and expensive tests to run and were finally told that he is in end stage liver failure and we should consider euthanization so as not to prolong his suffering. By this time his urine was brownish green and cloudy he also wouldn’t eat so we were blending his food and syringing it down to get calories in and feeding pedialite.


    I first heard of the EE System and Dr Sandra Rose Michael on the Patriot Streetfighter and became obsessed about learning more. I watched everything I could find on You Tube regarding the Technology and then Jason Shurka did a couple interviews and I knew we had to try this with our dog. We live in Oregon and struggled to find a center that woiuld let us bring our dog in and finally we called the Las Vegas Holistic Center and they agreed to let us bring him with us but only for overnights privately.


    So due to his liver failure we couldn’t get our dog on a plane so we drove for 2 days We spent 2 nights in the system. Kody our little dog just walked in and laid on the air bed and really stayed put for all night. Next day lots of urinating and pooping as if his system just started eliminating toxins.


    Here we are a month out from that time and Kody is eating and playing and jumping on and off furniture. He is full of life and his urine is clear. We didn’t change anything but we have begun to cut his meds in half. We will take him back to the vet and see if his stones in his bladder are gone. He sure acts like they are.


    We couldn’t be happier. We were so inspired that we are in the process of bringing to Oregon a healing center and we definitely will be helping people with their pets. We are so grateful. We are also going to get a 12 Inuit for our bedroom.

  • Torn Rotator Cuff

    After three different visits and a total of 5 1/2 accumulative hours with the EESystem my torn rotator cuff in both shoulders have no pain at all anymore.


    It was always worst a day or two before it rained, it would literally knock me down and keep me in bed for a day or two in agonizing pain and it was completely unmanageable. To say I am thrilled would be an understatement!…


    Thank you for doing this it is going to greatly help those of us out here trying to help people with this incredible technology!

  • Migraine Headaches (chronic)

    I have had chronic migraines for years. Tried so many drugs, therapies, but could never find relief for more than a few hours at best. I have had three sessions in the scalar and my headaches are almost gone!  Thank you to the clinic and the scientist who designed this amazing system!